You're Worth It
When will you realize, baby, you're worth it. Don't have to do anything to earn it, baby, you're perfect, you deserve it. When will you see what I see, and realize you're worth it? {Cimorelli}


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@LaurenJauregui: Sooooo #sorrymomanddad thanks @britatat and @keanamarie for holding my hand

Don’t kill yourself, please.


If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.

If you see this on your dash, reblog it. You could save a life.



My Lauren Jauregui Fan Art - Appreciation post for myself… She doesn’t even know I exist :(

ssweet-dispositionn waakeme-up please reblog and tag the girls ??? im following back anyone who asks


do you ever need a five minute hug but only from like a specific person

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